Furnace Facilities

Pit Type Annealing Furnace / Normalising / Stress Relieving

Load Size: 1000 kgs / Batch
Furnace Size: 700mm x 1200mm.

Pit Type Tempering Furnace

Load Size: 200 Kgs
Furnace Size: 550mm x 80mm.

gas carburising furnace

Load Size: 500 Kgs,
Furnace Size: 600mm x 1200mm

continuous austempering with scada controls

Austempering is a specialized process that provides exceptional distortion control and toughness at high hardness, this is achieved by isothermally transforming steel to produce bainitic microstructure.

Continuous Mesh Belt Hardening & Tempering Furnace

Furnace Size: 3.5 meter

sealed quench furnace

Year Established 2016 fully computerized Load Size 650 Kgs / batch witch fixture suitable for following specialized heat treatment process Carburizing, hardening & tempering

Sealed Quench  Furnace (SQF – 80) Coming soon

Year Established 2018 Fully computerized with scada control.

Load Size: 650Kgs / Batch with fixture suitable for following specialized heat treatment process

  • Carburising
  • Hardening & tempering

Laboratory Instruments

Rockwell Hardness Tester – Hadness Checking

Metallurgical Micro scope with Image Analyzer

Micro Structure Checking